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Updated 24th February 2020


  1. The object of the monthly competition shall be to encourage members to learn more about digital photography and to improve their photography and editing skills. 

  1. Photographs may only be entered for the competition by fully paid up members of the L. A. Digital Camera Club.

  1. Each member shall be entitled to enter two photographs into each competition.

  2. Photographs may be taken at any time after the subject has been announced except where the subject is  contingent upon an activity day or workshop. In the latter case photographs may be taken on or after the  date of the activity day or workshop.

  3. Photographs may be edited at the discretion of the photographer except that nothing may be added to, or   superimposed upon, the original image.

  1. At the meeting when the competition takes place the photographs will be shown as a slide show as many times as the members may require, after which they will be shown individually for the purpose of judging.

  1.       The identity of the photographers will not be disclosed until after the judging has taken place

  1. The judging panel will consist of all those members present. Each of these members, whether they have entered photographs or not, are eligible to vote for every photograph, except their own. Votes will be counted by a show of hands.

  1. The winning photograph will be that which receives the highest number of hands. In the event of a draw The President will cast the final vote. Over the course of the year, everybody’s individual scores will be totalled and the over all winner with the highest score will receive a cup.

  1.       The winning photograph will be published on the home page of the clubs website.

  1. After the competition a critique of each photograph will take place during which the photographers will be asked to give details of the exposure settings and make further comments including the reason for choosing that particular shot.

  1.       In the event that there is any doubt as to the eligibility of an entry the matter will be decided by The         President.

  1.       Each member of the L. A. Digital Camera Club will be given a copy of these rules.