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April 2019 2nd monthly meeting Wednesday April 24th

Santuario Del Calvario.
With Easter very much in mind, the April field visit for the Los Alcazares Camera Club was a tad ecclesiastical.
Promptly at 10.30 Hrs., a convoy of four cars made their way from Los Alcazares, direction Cartagena, stopping as is customary to club members, for a coffee stop en route. 
Suitably fed and watered, the group made their way towards Cartagena, and the switchback road to El Monte Calvario and it's whitewashed Hermitage, at an altitude of some 220 meters. As well as the rough road used by vehicular traffic, a steeper trackway makes it's way up to the Hermitage, where Stations Of The Cross are located.
Tradition has it that in the seventeenth century there was a Grand Cross crowning the mountain, explaining how the mountain took on the name Mount Calvary. Around 1777, one D. Tomas Aparicio received permission to build the splendid building we see now. In 1783, The Brotherhood of the Most Holy Sepulcher of Mount Calvary was instituted, to care for the building. On the Saturday before the annual March pilgrimage is made to the Hermitage, a large bonfire is lit on the peak, which serves to warn the good folk of Cartagena City, that the next day is the rise of the Virgin to the mountain. 
The small Hermitage and Church were perfect locations for members to try and get that extra special shot. The view across to Cartagena and it's deep anchorage gave many photographic opportunities. 
With thanks to the resident custodian, for taking time to open the Hermitage for club members, it was time to head off to the small coastal village of Los Nietos, for a splendid lunch. 
Thought for the month: Photographs are not taken, they are made. (Hopefully!)

Night Shoot in Los Alcazares Janaury 2019

Mormon Church visit 19th February 2019

The latest outing of the Los Alcázares Camera Club was Tuesday 19th Feb to the Mormon Church in Los Alcázares, more accurately referred to as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The name Mormon originated from the church's early Prophet whose name was Mormon and lived during the 4th century A.D.  He interpreted the teachings of the Bible and wrote The Book of Mormon.  This abbreviated reference name was then adopted by others as a simple way of referring to The church's followers.

We were warmly welcomed by two young missionaries who then introduced us to Terry, pictured with the Camera Club members, who then spent a lot of his valuable time both answering our questions and guiding us around the church.

The exterior of the church is extremely striking with its angular structure topped by a single spire pointing to the heavens,  the splendour of this striking church is however not in its exterior but it’s modest interior.  It’s chapel like all similar churches of this faith is designed to have no internal adornments which might distract its service goers from their spiritual dedication and that in itself is impressive.

Surrounding the central chapel are numerous rooms which are purpose built to be used both to educate and also encourage a strong feeling of belonging and family.  Many activities occur in these rooms throughout the week ranging from followers activity clubs to faith education.  Also within the church is a baptismal room which is used for full immersion baptism for followers over the age of 8  and is often performed by a relative of those being baptised.

All in all a very interesting and informative day.

Night Shoot in Los Alcazares Wednesday 16th October 2019

Several members turned up early for a night shoot in Los Alcazares. With good weather and a sunny evening Richard organised the shoot through to late evening giving guidance and advice on settings for the camera and shots to be taken. Everybody ended the evening at the Rotunda coffee bar adjacent to Mercadona. Over coffee the success of the evening was discussed. Some of the results are shown above.

Train Excursion to Cartagena 19th November 2019

Members of the Los Alcazares Camera Club, decided that for November's field meeting, to let "The Train Take The Strain" With tickets purchased, and the 10.28 service from Balsicas to Cartagena, on time, the deep water port of Cartagena was soon reached. A short tunnel through the remarkably well maintained city wall, led our party to the scenic lift, that takes visitors to the Castillo de la Conception. President John Dorset decided there was time for a swift coffee, before elevation!. The castle dates back to the 13 Th., century, and was built by King Alfonso X, on the remains of a Muslim fortress. Sadly during the second half of the 18th., century, it was abandoned. During 2003, the Cartagena Puerto de Cultures became involved, and renovation began. 

The high altitude parade ground gave members a chance view the distant harbour, also getting close up with some of the castle's resident Peacocks. After climbing the tower, it was time to descend into the castle interior, to check out the ancient well, and the network of cisterns. Steeped in the history and evolution of the Castillo de la Conception, historians are still uncertain how this network of cisterns actually worked, as the castle water lies at a deeper level. Perhaps Archimedes had a hand in it!  
As with all Camera Club field visits, a chat over a lunch, where members may compare photographs, is taken seriously, and this trip was no exception. A small bar / restaurant "The Ideal" in Plaza Merced, was an excellent choice. The owners opened a small private dining room, at the rear of the premises, for members use, where a splendid five course meal was much appreciated.

Remembering  that we had tickets on the 16.37 Hour train back to Balsicas, it was soon time to head off to the terminus. An excellent field trip, graced by clear sky and sunshine.