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April Visit to the Casino in Cartagena

Amanda Smith, our guide during the club visit to the casino, explained that in Spain, the casino was a place for it's members to relax, play the occasional game of cards, and if feeling energetic, as here in the City of Cartagena, take up the noble art of fencing!

 Originally the home of the Marques De Casa Tilly, the building members visited this day, began construction in 1762. First and second floors boasted a library, a games room, fencing instruction and practice hall. Camera club members were intrigued with two snooker type tables, that had no pockets, and curiously, plugged into the electric supply, to keep the slate base warm. 

 The furniture was predominantly Modernist, including items from Vienna, in the reading and entrance hall. The tiling was from Triana in Savilla. Grand staircases, marble pillars, chandeliers along with wonderful stained glass windows, provided camera club members, with many an opportunity to take that extra special photograph.

 Lunch followed in a private dinning room, adjacent to the casino, where President John Dorsett thanked Amanda 

for her time guiding members around this fascinating building, tucked away in Cartagena City. 

February Visit to the Mines at Potman

Blessed with fine weather, members made their way to Portman, to visit and photograph the remains of the Ingersoll-Rand pumping engines and mine locomotives, resting on the tracks between Jose Maestre's 2.7 k.m., tunnel, built in 1957, linking the Gloria opencast quarry, on the far side of the hill with washing plant Roberto, overlooking Portman Bay.Locomotives and rolling stock, along with the rusting remains of Lavadero Roberto, provide members with good photographic locations. The grand condensation chimney from the Ocrelitana smelter can be seen on the adjacent hillside. Tele-photo., lens use was a must here. Just along the track bed, two water transfer pipes and pumping stations were observed, and photographed. These pipes transferred sea water, to another washing plant, further up the hill side. Members commented that it was good to see Portman Bay, at last receiving the clean up, promised for so many years.A well deserved lunch followed at Restaurant Vent El Descargagador, between La Union and Llano del Beal.Photo 1: Ingersoll-Rand pumping engine, manufacture in the United States.Photo 2: Mine engine, manufacture in Germany.

The Mines at Portman

Brewery Visit This took place in October 2018. The brewery is a relatively new venture for an English couple Barbara and Lawrence. We saw the whole process from barley selection to try out a whole range of the beers they produce. An enjoyable vist where we all finishd in thbar next door to the brewery for menu del dia. We thank Barbara & Lawrence for a very enjoyable morning.