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February 2018 Field Visit

Blessed with fine weather, members made their way to Portman, to visit and photograph the remains of the Ingersoll-Rand pumping engines and mine locomotives, resting on the tracks between Jose Maestre's 2.7 k.m., tunnel, built in 1957, linking the Gloria opencast quarry, on the far side of the hill with washing plant Roberto, overlooking Portman Bay.Locomotives and rolling stock, along with the rusting remains of Lavadero Roberto, provide members with good photographic locations. The grand condensation chimney from the Ocrelitana smelter can be seen on the adjacent hillside. Tele-photo., lens use was a must here. Just along the track bed, two water transfer pipes and pumping stations were observed, and photographed. These pipes transferred sea water, to another washing plant, further up the hill side. Members commented that it was good to see Portman Bay, at last receiving the clean up, promised for so many years.A well deserved lunch followed at Restaurant Vent El Descargagador, between La Union and Llano del Beal.Photo 1: Ingersoll-Rand pumping engine, manufacture in the United States.Photo 2: Mine engine, manufacture in Germany.

April Visit to the Casino in Cartagena