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This page shows members submission of pictures for the

         June - Competition -subject - Black & White

 Members should send a maximum of two pictures to Ron at   as soon as they can but no later than Monday 1st June.   These will be put on the website Submitted for Judging page. Please check to ensure your pictures have been received and are on this page. Double click on any picture for enlargement.

On Tuesday 2nd June, select what you think are the two best pictures ranking them 1st and 2nd and forward your selection to Margaret at

With all of us still under house arrest, a trawl through our holiday photographs was the basis for the Mid May club competition. This would remind us all of happier times, when travel to distant lands was permitted, and give individual members a chance to present their favorite shots, to a larger audience, if only via the club website.Sixteen pictures were submitted, all of excellent quality. After a highly technical voting mechanism, otherwise known as an e.mail "Referendum", first and second winners were decided upon.First prize was to Richard Townend with his mountain bike shot, from a holiday in the Austrian Lake District.Second prize was awarded to, well, modesty prevents, for "Bounty Bar Beach", from a cruise to the Caribbean Islands. Hopefully, we will soon be able to wander past their garden gates, camera at the ready once more.


The results of the Mid-May competition are now shown below

Pictures submitted for the Mid-May Competition

Results of the Mid-May Competition

1st No 2 Richard 4 points

2nd No 3 Robert 3 points

3rd No 5 Pip; No 9 Margaret;  No 13 Andy & No 16 Brian 2 points each

4th No 1 Pip; No 6 Robert; No 12 Margaret 1 point each