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The club hold a number of training workshops throughout the year. A summary of each worshop will be included on this page

Portrait Workshop held 23rd January 2018 - presented by Richard

6 Patterns to learn

1    Split lighting
2    Loop lighting
3    Rembrandt lighting
4    Butterfly lighting
5    Broad lighting
6    Short lighting

1    Split Lighting This is lighting from 90degrees to the side of the sitter and light up only one side of the face the other being in shadow.
2    Loop Lighting This set up is with the lighting at less than 45 degrees from the front of the subject and is set at approx. 20 degrees above eye level giving a small ‘loop’ shadow at the base of the nose.
3    Rembrandt Lighting Named after the artist, this set up is high and to the subject’s side (45degrees). The result is a small triangle of light on the shadow side of the cheek of the subject.
4    Butterfly Lighting Light is placed above and directly in front of the sitter and produces a small butterfly shadow under the nose. Sometimes a reflector is used in front of the subject to put light under the chin. It is also known as ‘Hollywood lighting’.
5    Broad Lighting Subject turns head away from the main light giving a broad lighting aspect to face of the subject, this is good for people with a slim face.
6    Short Lighting The opposite of broad lighting, by turning the face towards the main light this is good for a slimming effect to the portrait

Planned Workshops

March 20th Workshop

May 15th Workshop - still life

October 16th Workshop